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Developer & Publisher:
Sweet Dreams Studio
Based in Nantes, France
Release date:
End 2021
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Our studio

We are Sweet Dreams Studio, a young studio from Nantes (France) with a year and a half of experience and a first commercialized game : Spirit Arena. Releasing our first game allowed us to mature as a team, and we are currently looking for partners to support us in our next, more ambitious project: Fireflies.


The Tibeaks are people whose way of life is intimately linked to the cycle of nature.
Very heterogeneous, these little beings have built a society in which each individual works for the good of their tribes. In this inclusive and diversified context, some Tibeaks are however kept away. Like Noshi, who seems to be the only one to have the ability to stay awake in the absence of light, and this difference scares others.

One evening, the sun goes down as usual to never rise again. At the dawn of this eternal night, the stars tumble from the sky, while the Tibeaks fall one after the other in an endless sleep. Noshi, a Nocturne having picked up one of the many stars that have fallen to the ground, realizes that these emit a light capable of waking up the sleeping Tibeaks. He then decides to help his people, in the hope of offering everyone a better future.

In this context of poetic Apocalypse, the player will illuminate his path and work with other people to try to rebuild a more just society. What if a darker world not necessarily rime with a hopeless world?




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